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Your Digital Success Squad

Our team of experts know their stuff when it comes to Digital Marketing. We cover all of the bases with SEO, Paid Search, Paid Display, Google Ads Management, and Social Media Marketing. We crunch all the data to make sure every campaign is optimised to give you the biggest bang for your buck. And trust us, we’ve experienced it– using a big-picture strategy that combines all of these services is what really drives traffic to your site.

Meet The Team

Aaron Spreckley

Co-Founder, Sales Operations Director

Aaron has a wealth of experience working in sales, he managed the high potential business team for Google Ads, responsible for £1.3m ad spend per month. He then moved to Uber and helped launch the brand across new locations in the UK and Ireland. Managing UK sales teams across the UK, which generated over £20m per week in deliveries. Before starting Zenzero, he was Head of Direct Sales for UK and France at an insure tech company, where he implemented a new sales channel to drive revenue across the UK and France—working in both SMB and enterprise markets and designing expansion strategies across Europe.

Jordan Studders

Co-Founder, Marketing Director

Jordan has 8 years of marketing experience, working in house at Google Ads for 6 years. He started in the high potential business team in Leeds, before moving to Barcelona to help Google set up their European hub. He worked his way up to Cluster Manager for customer onboarding, managing 11 countries across EMEA. Before starting Zenzero, he ran the B2B lead generation and lead nurturing strategies for a loyalty app startup, targeting the hospitality industry, and a leading UK insure tech company, driving prospective fleet insurance leads to the direct sales team.

James Kiroly

Strategy Director

James has over 13 years of experience in paid media, working for Google Ads and Digital Marketing agencies, where he managed a media spend of over £1m per month across multiple verticals. He has worked across all paid media channels, from search to display, video and programmatic. James was also a Google Ads trainer for EMEA, training both new and existing Google Ads Representatives. James has a passion for making all media channels work together to achieve wider marketing goals. 

Kirstie Studders

Marketing Executive

Kirstie has 6 years of experience working in house at Google Ads. She started as a Campaign Specialist working with small and medium sized businesses to launch their first Google Ads marketing campaigns, working her way up to Senior Onboarding Trainer covering 11 countries in the Google Ads European Hub. Kirstie was previously a Senior EMEA Customer Service Trainer for Disney Streaming Services, helping to launch the platform in both Europe and South America. Creating the training plan and managing the training of over 200 people for the EU launch of the platform.

Unleash Your Marketing Superpowers

Our main goals are to make you more money and expand your market share. We’ve worked with plenty of clients in both retail and lead gen, so we know our stuff when it comes to expert services that’ll take your marketing strategy from Clark Kent to Superman. Trust us to help you achieve your objectives and take over the market.

Hands-on Experience With All Stages of the Customer Journey

We’ve been in your shoes, so we know what’s up. We’ve got hands-on experience with everything in the customer journey funnel – lead gen, sales optimization, account management – you name it, we’ve done it. Our past marketing and sales roles mean we know the whole shebang when it comes to the customer journey, and we know how to tailor marketing strategies to meet your specific business needs. Count on us to help take your business to the next level and add some flavour to your existing marketing strategies.

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