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Our Story

At Zenzero, we believe in hiring the best people for the job, that’s why we work with a dedicated team of freelancers. Allowing us to pick the best players to create the Ultimate Team that 100% fits your business. 

Out with the old, corporate, stuffy models – we take a fresh approach to our business. We treat our employees and clients the way we have always wanted to be treated – with fairness and full transparency.

Our employees are multi-national and based around the world, so we can offer a full package of location and language targeting.  So whether you need language options, or want to branch out into new markets – we’ve got you covered!

The Meaning Behind the Brand

Zenzero is Italian for ginger (the spice) and we feel it fits us perfectly. Although we did use its second meaning – ginger hair. We are gingers, married to gingers, with ginger friends. What can we say, we just love ginger! The people and the spice. 

Less than 2% of the world’s population are gingers – which makes us unique. Gingers are known for their straightforward, no nonsense attitudes and we are exactly that. No hidden agendas, just an open, honest and completely transparent group of people.

So whether you are ginger, love ginger or are just looking to add some spice to your business, we’ve got you covered.

Our Team

We’re not corporate drones, we’re more like a family, and we treat our employees and our clients like the VIPs they are. If Covid taught us anything, it’s that we’ve been more productive working from home than in an office. The freedom to be creative without interruptions and to be able to have a genuine work life balance is really important to us, so we work remotely from various locations around the world.

This model allows us to have colleagues worldwide and to pick the right person for the job, rather than the best person within travelling distance to the office. So whether we’re working from Glasgow, Yorkshire or Spain we’ve got you covered.

Want To Join Our Growing Brands?

Let's Connect

If you're curious about who we are, the services we're offering, and what we can offer to enhance your business, then book a call with our amazing team right here using the calendar.

Or if that's not your thing drop us a line at:

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