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Paid Search


Achieve measurable success and maximize profits through precise targeting and a data-first approach to paid advertising.


PPC is our bread and butter, having worked for Google, we know all the tips and tricks to add some sizzle to your marketing campaigns. PPC is a very affordable and effective way of bringing potential customers to your website.

The secret to success in PPC is all about being precise, scientific, and data-driven. That's right, we're talking about hitting the bullseye every time with your target audience. No spray-and-pray nonsense here. With a data-first approach and precise targeting, you'll be able to measure your success and make those profits soar like Tony Stark flying through the sky (minus the cool suit, sadly).

What is Paid Search?

Paid Search is a marketing tactic that enables companies to pay to be at the top of a search engine's results and drive traffic through to their website. Search engines, such as Google and Bing, will show these results to people searching for businesses like yours and charge you for each click that is made on the ad.

This tactic is also called PPC (pay-per-click) marketing and essentially means that you only pay for the ad when it is clicked on. The amount you're charged depends on the value the search engine places on the click and how competitive the search term is. Finding the right keywords and phrases to target potential clients is a vital element of Paid Search marketing and as such, hiring an expert can be very helpful in getting the most for your money.

Why is Paid Search so important for your business?

Paid Search is the superhero of online advertising. It's like having a secret power to be seen by the exact people who are searching for what you've got. No more waiting around like a tumbleweed in the desert, hoping someone will stumble upon you. With Paid Search, you'll be front and centre, stealing the spotlight like a dog at a party

Every time someone clicks on your ad, you pay. How much you pay depends on the value of the click and how many other businesses are vying for the top spot. That means you can kiss goodbye to wasted money and say hello to a better return on your investment.

With the power of PPC, you can dive deep into the mysterious realm of data and find out who's been clicking your ads. You'll uncover the secret search term that's been performing like a ninja in the shadows, delivering the most efficient results. It's like having a secret weapon for future campaigns. You can tighten your targeting and hopefully achieve even better results. Unravel the mysteries of your campaign and conquer the advertising kingdom!

Paid Search is like having a fast and furious sports car that zooms your site to the top of search engines. With the help of Google Ads, Bing Ads, and some killer SEO focus keywords, you'll be feeling the wind in your hair as the traffic pours in. So get ready to rev up those engines and watch your website go from 0 to 60 in no time.

Paid Search targets specific keywords or terms that people are searching for. This means you will be seen by those specifically looking for what you sell or provide, hopefully resulting in more sales and enquiries.

There are many forms of advertising out there that require you to pay upfront. The issue with these is that you don’t know how well they’re going to perform and could spend a lot without seeing any real results. PPC means you only pay when someone clicks so you get a better return on your investment.

See who clicked your ads, what search term was the most efficient and other useful data regarding your campaign. This information can be very useful for future campaigns, meaning you can further tighten your targeting and hopefully yield even better results.

The end goal of Paid Search is to drive traffic and make sales or enquiries. By showing up at the top of search engines using Google Ads, Bing Ads and SEO focus keywords, you should achieve this in no time.

So what is our approach?


Finding out about you, your short and long term goals as well as any marketing campaigns you currently or previously ran


Aligning the campaigns with your business and marketing goals


Finding out who your customers are and showing the right ads to the right people


Specific, eye catching and targeted to the right people


We create reporting suites as standard for all our clients using Looker Studio.


Branch out into new markets, or even new countries

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