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Weekly Update – 10th – 16th May


X will soon be releasing an “AI Audiences” feature to allow advertisers to use AI in audience list creation. During testing, the new feature has populated audience lists containing hundreds of relevant users in seconds.


Meta announces Enhanced Gen AI Features including full image and text generation. Advertisers can now create full image variations which are inspired by your original ad creative, as well as the ability to text overlay on those images. In the coming months, Meta will roll out the ability to provide text prompts to these images to make adjustments as necessary.


TikTok is suing the US government for violating first amendment rights by trying to ban or force a sale of the platform in the US. 

A new TikTok report reveals that 61% of TikTok users discover brands and products on the platform, 1.5x more than other platform users, with 45% of those users continuing to research brands/products after discovering them on TikTok. Read the full report here

TikTok will now automatically label AI Generated content using new technology which analyses a video’s metadata.


Google launches a “Save a Comparison” feature on GA4 to enable users to save time when analysing data and comparing user bases. The feature is gradually being rolled out so may not be available to everyone yet. 

Google launches ad format preferences for Demand Gen campaigns. The new format will give advertisers the choice to place their video assets across YouTube’s in-stream, in-feed, and Shorts ad placements.

Starting in June 2024, Google will be limiting the functionality of suspended Google Ads accounts. Actions like editing campaigns, creating new assets or making changes will be disabled and only access to a few key areas like billing, appeals/verification, security settings and account navigation will be available.


Amazon has announced that they will be rolling out 3 additional ad formats on Prime Video. Shoppable carousel ads, interactive pause and brand trivia ads will be available later this year.

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