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Weekly Update – 12th – 18th April


Meta is testing AI powered features in the Instagram Search Bar. A search query would lead you to a DM with Meta AI, allowing users to ask questions or use one of the pre-loaded prompts to get more information.


TikTok has released 2 new ad placement features – Category Exclusion and Vertical Sensitivity as part of their new innovations in Brand Suitability. Category Exclusion will allow advertisers to choose whether their content is shown alongside the following categories: Gambling & Lotteries, Violent Video Games, Combat Sports, and Youth Content. Vertical Sensitivity allows advertisers to select their vertical and exclude vertical-related content. E.g. If you are a brand focussed on nature, you may want to exclude content about natural disasters.

TikTok is reportedly testing Virtual Influencers for Video Ads on the platform. The new AI Avatars can read scripts based on prompts created by Brands and TikTok Shop Sellers. 

TikTok announces updates to its Community Guidelines – giving more clarity to the rules, improving account status information and setting new standards for creators involved in TikTok programs by releasing a Creator Code of Conduct.


Google Ads announces that it will be retiring customizers for text and dynamic search ads on 31st May 2024. Existing ads will still continue to run, just without the customizers. The move comes as Google continues to push for Responsive Search Ads becoming the default option for Search Ads on the Google Ads platform.


Pinterest have released their 2024 Wedding Report – get insights into the latest searches and ideas that are being pinned and shared on the platform.

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