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Weekly Update – 14th – 20th October 2023


The EU has launched an investigation into X’s handling of misinformation about the Israel / Palestine conflict. Read more on BBC News.


Meta’s Account Centre has been updated with new tools to make it easier to manage your platforms and data. Read the full announcement on Meta’s Newsroom

Multiple accounts will soon be coming to Whatsapp, meaning you can easily switch between work and personal accounts at the touch of a button. You’ll need a second phone number/SIM or a phone that accepts multi SIM or eSIM to be able to use the feature. Stay tuned for a release date!


TikTok and Disney have partnered up to release tools to celebrate 100 years of Disney. Users will be able to watch videos from Disney Brands, play Disney trivia quizzes, create videos with Disney music and sound effects, as well as collecting and trading “character cards”. Read the full announcement on TikTok’s Newsroom

TikTok videos will now have captions turned on by default in an aim to make the platform more accessible. All eligible videos (in supported languages) will switch to the new model from November. Full details on Social Media Today.

TikTok announces “out-of-phone”, a feature intended to bring TikTok features to the real world by making content available on billboards, in cinemas, restaurants, bars and many more. Read more on TikTok’s Newsroom.


Google has introduced Google Ads Data Manager to simplify usage of first party data with Google Ads. Features include: first party data integration to prepare for less cookie data, consolidation of data management controls, ability to create new data connections and making their processes more user friendly. Read more on Google’s Ads and Commerce Blog.


YouTube introduces new accessibility features – including audio descriptions for videos. Find out more from Creator Insider.

YouTube has announced new AI features, allowing brands to target ad campaigns more effectively on the platform. Read full details on Search Engine Journal.

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