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Weekly Update – 15th – 21st March


Meta has announced major improvements to Advantage+ and shopping ads. The update includes new video options, Reminder ads, highlighting promotions and ads with product tags. Read the full announcement here

Instagram has rolled out a new feature on their ads – promo codes! The aim is to make sure users who shop through Instagram and Facebook are getting the best possible price through the platforms. Read the full announcement here.

Facebook is in discussions with EU Regulators to cut the cost of the ad free version of the platform. Currently, the cost is $9.99 a month, with Meta offering to reduce this to $5.99 per month for a single account, with an extra $4.00 per month for any additional accounts.


TikTok’s Creator Rewards Program is officially out of Beta phase. The program will continue to reward high-quality, original content that is over a minute long, using an rewards formula focused on originality, play duration, search value and audience engagement.


Google’s Search Generative Experience could cost advertisers $2 billion in ad revenue, as search traffic could potentially drop by up to 60%. The new AI feature is designed to make Google Search more intuitive – allowing users to ask more complex and descriptive questions.

Google has announced a new ad placement partnership with Disney. The move will allow advertisers to show Display and Video 360 ads across Disney properties including Disney+, Hulu, YouTube and more. Read the official announcement on Google’s Blog.


Amazon has introduced new AI features that will allow sellers to instantly turn a link into a product page. The feature is currently being rolled out, and will be available to US Sellers in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more updates on whether this could become available to Amazon sellers worldwide.

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