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Weekly Update – 17th – 30th May


8 TikTok creators are suing the US Government for violating their first amendment rights. The creators argue that a forced sale or a ban of the platform violates their right to free speech.

TikTok is testing 60 minute videos on the platform. The feature is currently only available to a select number of users, and TikTok advises they have no immediate plans to roll the feature out widely.

TikTok launches TikTok Symphony AI Suite – a new tool to help create and scale advertising campaigns. The new tool can generate TikTok ready videos with just a few inputs from advertisers.


Google launches AI assistant Project Astra – exploring the future of AI assistants, Project Astra is capable of processing multimodal information, understanding context and responding naturally in conversation. 

Google announces updates to its Gemini AI Chatbot. The new features include a longer context window, new data analysis capabilities, connections to additional Google apps and more customizable options. Read the full update here

Google launches new tools to help small businesses connect with customers. Advertisers can now use generative AI to add custom product scenes, remove backgrounds and increase resolution as well as creating and editing ads in Performance Max campaigns.

Google launches a beta version of AI Overviews – a new addition to the search engine experience. The new feature appears above regular search results with the title ”Generative AI is experimental.” A few seconds later, an AI-generated summary appears alongside links which corroborate the summary. There have been a number of issues with the feature so far with some users being recommended things like adding glue to their pizza or to eat rocks. Google is working to remove incorrect information as soon as possible. 

Google Marketing Live 2024 took place this week. Catch up on all the announcements or register to watch on demand to find out the latest updates and discover what is still to come in 2024.


Amazon claims that their new Performance+ campaigns have achieved 30-90% lower CPAs compared to standard Amazon ads with the same goals and formats. Performance+ campaigns automate campaign management and optimisation based on predicted conversion rates.


Pinterest shares their 2024 Travel Report – exploring the latest travel trends, search data and trending destinations.

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