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Weekly Update – 19th-25th August 2023


X is changing the way posts are shown when a user is logged out. Posts will now be shown by like counts as opposed to the order in which they were posted. This won’t affect the view when a user is logged in, the most recent will still show first. 

New ID Verification is being introduced to combat the use of bots on X. The process will include uploading a current selfie and a copy of government issued ID.

Elon Musk has posted on X that the block feature may be removed from the platform. A number of concerns have been raised about this as users currently use the block function to stop spam and troll accounts. 

X is planning on removing headlines from News links in order to improve the aesthetic. There is no information on how this will affect other links moving forward.


Instagram is testing a new multi-advertiser ad format. This will be shown through Instagram reels and is designed to allow consumers to compare products from different brands. Currently, up to 4 advertisers will be placed within the same reel. 

Instagram has released an infographic series detailing four metrics to improve your ads. Engagement, interaction, reach and impressions are all featured in the post. 


TikTok has published its 2023 Holiday Guide which includes details on all the key dates for Q4 as well as tips, tricks and insights on how to use the platform in preparation for the Christmas season.


Pinterest has announced new features to enhance security for teenagers on the platform. This includes expanded private profiles, more control over followers and a parental passcode update.

On Your Radar

Social Media companies are starting to update features and add additional security measures to their platforms ahead of the deadlines set out in the Digital Services Act. The regulation will apply from 17th February 2024, so stay tuned for more updates. 

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