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Weekly Update – 19th April – 2nd May


X is launching a video app for Smart TVs. The X TV App aims to give users “high-quality, immersive entertainment experience on a larger screen”.


Meta has released a new AI powered chat assistant powered by Llama 3. The chat will be launched on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Whatsapp, and will be available through the search bar in each platform.

Ads could be launching on Threads sooner than expected, with sources confirming they could launch in the second half of this year. Read more here.

Threads has overtaken X in the daily usage race in the US – with Threads averaging 28 million users per day compared to X’s 22 million.


TikTok Notes has launched for testing in Canada and Australia. The new app is designed to compete with Instagram and if testing is successful, it could be rolled out globally later this year.

TikTok and Universal Music Group (UMG) have announced a new licensing deal, so your favourite artists will return to TikTok once again.


Google delays cookie deprecation (again). No updates on when the phase out will begin, but Google has confirmed it won’t be in 2024.

Google introduces 6 new AI features in Performance Max Campaigns in a bid to help advertisers increase both performance and ROI. The new features are: customer Value mode, customer retention goal, detailed demographics, budget pacing insights, account-level IP address exclusions and final URL expansion. 3 of the 6 features are still in Beta mode but all are available for use on Performance Max Campaigns. Read the full announcement from Google here.


LinkedIn launches AI powered takeaways and advice – the new features are designed to provide members with personalised advice and insights, grow their skills, and land the right job more easily and efficiently.


YouTube has launched a new format called Select Shorts. Advertisers can use the new format to make sure their ads appear alongside top content. Initial results confirm that Select Shorts are watched for 90% longer than other advertising formats.


Microsoft has a new AI model – VASA-1 which can transform a headshot into an animated video of someone talking or singing. Find out more and see some examples of the model being used here.

On Your Radar

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