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Weekly Update – 22nd- 28th March


Elon Musk has announced that users who have more than 2500 verified subscribers will be eligible for free Premium features on X. Users with over 5000 verified subscribers will receive free Premium+ features.

X has increased their limit on the number of members who can participate in a group chat to 256. Read more on Social Media Today.


TikTok has launched Sound for Business – a new series of voice clips recorded by TikTok creators, specifically designed for SMBs to use during content creation. 

TikTok has added new formats to their Video Shopping Ads. Carousel and Product Tiles are now available to advertisers, as well as making Video Shopping Ads discoverable through the search function of the platform.

TikTok announces its plans for dealing with the 2024 Elections in the UK. The plans include fact checking, combating misinformation, media literacy and content moderation.


Google and Apple are currently trying to make a deal for Gemini (Google’s AI Platform) to be featured as part of the next iPhone. Read more here.


LinkedIn could soon be adding games – in a bit to get users to spend more time on the platform, spark conversations and add some fun to the platform.

LinkedIn is testing a new dedicated Video Feed, and have confirmed that it is now in Beta. The videos will be short form content intended to promote learning within the platform.


Pinterest has released a festival trends board in partnership with Coachella, ahead of the 2024 festival season. Find out what’s trending, and what people are searching for on the platform.

On Your Radar

User Generated content continues to be at the forefront of advertising this year. Find out how it could help your business in our blog: Harnessing User-Generated Content in Instagram Ads.

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