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Weekly Update – 29th March – 4th April


X is developing an updated Explore page, which will feature topic summaries generated by its AI Chatbot Grok.


Facebook launches a new full screen video player which will be used on all video formats available on the platform. Initially the feature will be launched in the US and Canada, with Global release coming later this year. Read the announcement on the Meta Newsroom here

Meta has launched new updates to its Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns – including enhanced audience insights and targeting options. Read more here.


TikTok have launched a TV ad in the US in the hopes of blocking the House Bill which could lead to a TikTok ban. The ad features people explaining the impact that TikTok has had on their lives – watch the ad here.


Reminder: new bulk email rules come into force this month on Gmail. Make sure you’re set up with the new requirements.

Reminder: Google will be turning off all Universal Analytics features in July – so if you haven’t already, now is the time to start migrating to GA4.

Google has upgraded their definition of “top ads” in Google Search results. The change is purely in definition and there is no change to the ads themselves, or how they are shown in SERPs.

Google has published a new report on the available AI opportunities for developing countries. Read the announcement or view the full report to find out more.


Amazon has invested an additional $2.75 billion in AI Startup Anthropic – the company’s chatbot Claude is creating buzz in the AI world and is rumoured to outperform Open AI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini on industry benchmark tests.

On Your Radar

AI seems to be the focus of this week – and the marketing world in general. Make sure you know the latest to find out how AI could benefit your business. Read more in the AI Section of our blog.

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