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Weekly Update – 2nd – 8th September 2023


X is planning to collect more data on its users – including biometric, educational and job history data. Read the TechCrunch article here.


Instagram is experimenting with longer form reels, ranging from 3-10 minutes. They have confirmed that 10 minute videos are being tested internally and not yet available for public use. Check back for future updates!

Meta may be considering offering both free and paid tiers of Facebook and Instagram in Europe. Paid users would be able to opt out of ads and tracking.


TikTok Effect House has officially been released from Beta. Effect House is a platform that allows people to design and develop Community Effects for TikTok. You have the ability to create, publish and share dynamic effects to be used by TikTok users worldwide. You can read the announcement here or click here to find out more about Effect House. 

TikTok gives an update on Project Clover – a programme designed to build specially reinforced protections for European user data.


Google is changing the Android logo to align with their asset portfolio. See the changes here.


Amazon introduces “Buy with Prime” to Shopify stores. The integration will allow users to make purchases from Shopify based sites with all the benefits and features associated with Amazon Prime. You can find out more here, or sign up for the interest list if you think your site could benefit from Buy with Prime.


YouTube has expanded their analytic capabilities. Users now have the ability to do side by side comparisons of a channel’s videos. You can access this feature by right-clicking on YouTube Studio’s Analytics.

On Your Radar

At this point in the year, you should have your Halloween marketing plan and assets ready to go and be in full planning mode for Black Friday, CyberMonday and Christmas.

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