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Weekly Update – 30th September – 6th October 2023


X is experimenting to make live streams more discoverable as the platform pushes towards video content.

X faces scrutiny over missing ad labels.

X is currently testing an expanded bio section to allow users and businesses to include more information about themselves.


Meta has partnered with 15 US Universities to educate tech classes on Meta technology. Read more here

AI tools will soon be coming to Meta – allowing users to unleash more creativity. Find out more details on The Verge.


TikTok has started including Wikipedia snippets in their search results, turning the TikTok search results into a search engine to reflect how its users are using the search feature.

TikTok has been fined $379M for failing to keep EU kids’ data safe by violating 8 GDPR articles. For full details on the fine, visit TechCrunch.

TikTok has rolled out new labels for AI generated content. Read more on TikTok Newsroom.


Google has announced stricter measures for bulk email senders from February 2024. The measures include having to authenticate emails, offer a clear way to unsubscribe and stay under a reported spam threshold.


Amazon has announced AI tech that can take care of product headlines, descriptions and listing details – making it more efficient than ever to sell on the platform. Find out more here.


YouTube is experimenting with vertical live stream videos in the mobile app. The new experience includes a scrollable live stream feed.


Pinterest has announced new product updates and ad solutions. Including: new ad formats, changes to business tools and new ways to curate ideas. Check out the full list of features here.

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