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Weekly Update – 5th – 11th April


Meta has confirmed it will add a new “made with AI” tag to the platform – making it clear to users when an image, video or ad has been generated by AI Software. 

Meta launches Opportunity Score – a new metic available in Meta Ads Manager. Similar to Google Ads Optimisation Score, the metric shows advertisers how well optimised their ads are, how well they are performing, and gives recommendations on areas to improve.

Meta has launched improvements to Messenger – allowing users to send HD Photos and create Albums which can be shared through the Messenger app.


TikTok’s answer to competing with Instagram is coming soon! Likely to be named TikTok Notes, the platform has been confirmed to be in development and existing TikTok users will be prompted to sign up to the new app to share existing and new photo content.


Google is reportedly considering putting some artificial intelligence-powered search features behind a paywall in an effort to counter the impact of AI chatbots on its advertising revenue. This potential move would mark the first time Google has put its core search product behind a paywall.

Alphabet (Google’s parent company) is thinking about making an offer to acquire the CRM HubSpot.


LinkedIn announces a new verification system for recruiters on the platform to help cut down on spam outreach and recruitment scams. Recruiters will be able to confirm their identity and get a new in-stream verification badge.

On Your Radar

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