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Weekly Update – 7th -13th June


X has secured $6 billion in funding for its Grok AI program as well as other AI endeavours as the company joins the race for the best AI chatbot among social media platforms.


Instagram is testing a new “Trial Reels” feature, which will allow brands to test videos with non-followers before they are shared publicly. The reel won’t be visible on the profile page, but followers can still view it if it has been shared with them. Meta confirms that the reel will be archived after 24hrs if it has not been publicly shared.


Google has announced that after 5th July 2024, it will no longer be indexing websites which are not accessible by mobile as they will crawl and index all sites with Googlebot Smartphone only rather than Googlebot Desktop.

Google launches “Brand Recommendations” in Google Ads. The new feature is designed to span across awareness and consideration campaigns, giving advertisers a full funnel of optimisation choices.

On Your Radar

Adobe has released their 2024 Small Business Branding Report. The report gives details on which fonts, colours and design features small businesses are using this year.

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