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Weekly Update – 9th – 15th February


X announces it will allow advertisers to run ads on selected content creator profiles with its new Creator Targeting feature. Ads will be able to be shown on both the Home feed and the content creator’s profile.


Meta is planning on adding watermarks to AI generated images across its platforms. There will also be penalties for any users who upload AI images without properly disclosing them. Read more on The Verge.


TikTok releases “Tik Tok Trending 2024” – a look at what is already trending on the platform this year, as well as trends and creators to look out for as the year continues. 

Comic Relief and TikTok LIVE join forces once again for Red Nose Day 2024. The platform announced “Red Nose Day Gifts”, and for every gift sent TikTok will donate a minimum of £400,000 – available until 15th March.


Google has updated Gmail ads – adding a new layout and “sponsored” label. The change is only available outside of the EU and is intended to make it clearer when an ad is being shown vs organic content.


Pinterest announces ad partnership with Google in a bid to increase revenue. Ads will now be able to be served on Pinterest through Google Ads, and users will be directed to the advertisers website to complete purchases.

On Your Radar

AI is continuing to be a focus for 2024 – have you thought about the impact it could have on your business? Check out this article on AI Tips for Social Media Marketers or visit the AI section of our blog to find out more.

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