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Weekly Update – 16th – 22nd February


Meta will label AI-created images on Facebook, Instagram, and Threads to help users identify synthetic content. Get more details here.

Meta has begun testing a new cross posting feature which would allow users to post to threads from Facebook. The option is currently only available on iOS and is not yet available in the EU. Stay tuned for further updates!


TikTok’s Creative Assistant is now available as an add-on in Adobe Express. Integration of TikTok’s Creative Assistant for Adobe Express brings together the power of Adobe’s industry-leading creative technology and vast digital expertise from TikTok to help creators make and market content more effectively than ever before. Read the announcement here.


Google Ads is targeting businesses within their Gmail accounts, offering them free consultations. Notably, the promotion is delivered through pop-up notifications rather than emails, making the message look less like an ad, possibly increasing the chances of conversions. Read more here.


LinkedIn has released a blog on the best way to maximise performance in the privacy-first era. This covers how to own your data game through testing and learning. 

LinkedIn has released a B2B Sales Playbook to help businesses maximise their sales opportunities in 2024.


Pinterest is launching its first-ever streaming show with an actionable and shoppable experience. Inspired by Pinterest trends, Deliciously Entertaining is a six part cooking series that will premiere on the Tastemade streaming channel on 23rd February. Why is this important? 23.93% of consumers say video is helpful when making an online purchase, according to video creator Animoto.

On Your Radar

The world of search is changing – a new article by Adobe confirms that TikTok is now among the top 5 search engines being used in 2024. Users claim to prefer the short form content on the platform as it is both informative and easily digestible.

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