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Weekly Update – 1st – 11th January


X confirms it will no longer support NTfs as profile images. The option was previously available as part of X’s Premium Package. Read more on Social Media Today.


Meta’s Ray-Ban Smart Glasses are being upgraded to add AI-powered visual search. This allows them to give answers to real time questions, like weather and traffic updates. Read more on Engadget.

Meta has announced further protections for Teens on their platforms. The new features include hiding age-inappropriate content, giving more restricted content recommendations and hiding search results for sensitive topics such as eating disorders and self-harm. Read the full update on Meta’s Newsroom.

Meta has confirmed that Facebook’s Link History feature will be rolled out to all users. Link History will give users access to all links they have clicked on within Facebook, making it easier for them to find something or check their click history. Read more on Social Media Today.


The functionality of some hashtag links has been disabled, potentially affecting the precision of trend popularity measurements.

TikTok marketers can no longer search for specific hashtags within the platform’s Creative Center tools. Read more on Search Engine Land.


In February, Google will be updating its Inappropriate Content Policy to give a better definition of “Sensitive Events”. Stay tuned for more updates.  

Websites made with Google Business Profiles will be turned off soon. Websites made with Google Business Profiles are basic websites powered by the information on your Business Profile. In March 2024, websites made with Google Business Profiles will be turned off and customers visiting your site will be redirected to your Business Profile instead. The redirect will work until June 10, 2024. Find out more here.


Amazon’s Prime Video content will start showing ads from 29th January. Opting out of this will cost users an additional $2.99 per month. Read more on The Verge.


YouTube is making it easier for creators to promote their content and is testing the new feature with a limited number of users. The new Promotions Tab is within YouTube Studio and is a way to make buying ads easier, versus going through the traditional Google Ads Manager route. If creators have access to the new tool, they’ll find the tab within the Promotions section on the Content Page of Studio. Read the YouTube announcement here.

On Your Radar

January is an exciting month for marketers. Taking the time to check on your holiday campaigns and review Q4 performance can give valuable insights into what worked, and what didn’t, in your campaigns. Giving you great feedback to take into 2024.

Now is also the time to get ready for Valentine’s Day – so start finalising your marketing plan and creatives.

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