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Weekly Update – 1st – 7th March


Threads enable post-scheduling in live API pilot, plans to add analytics capabilities. The app is partnering with select third-party platforms on the first stage of live testing for its API, with more features on the way. Find out more here.

Instagram launches an update to their DMs – allowing users to pin chats and introducing message editing, which will give users up to 15 minutes to edit any sent messages


TikTok launches a monthly Trend Digest to give brands and creators an insight into what is currently trending on the platform. The report gives insights into the message, hashtags, music and visual narratives that are currently trending, giving you more opportunities to stay up to date.


Google Ads introduces a Performance Max Placement Report to show you where your ads have been served and how many impressions they have received. The report will show Search Partners, Display and Google owned and operated placements.

Google announces that it will automatically pause ad groups with low activity in an attempt to help advertisers improve their budget efficiency. The new feature will start to be rolled out on 11th March and will only affect ad groups which are 13+ months old.

Google has introduced “Solutions” – a new, free, tool within Google Ads designed to help advertisers streamline their campaigns through automation. The tool will allow advertisers to  generate reports, allowing you to filter data by various dimensions such as campaign, ad group, or keyword and can be found in the Tools Menu of Google Ads.

Google announces a new core update for Google Search. The update aims to improve the quality of search results, and remove any low quality or spam results. Read more on Social Media Today or get the full announcement from Google here


LinkedIn launches new tools to assist in Internal Career Progression, the platform is aiming to combat the rise in AI by giving people tools to progress in their current company based on their career goals.


Microsoft unveils new tool to make cross-border advertising easier. Feed Labels will start rolling out in mid-March to simplify the process of running ads in multiple countries for retailers. Find out more here.

On Your Radar

Automation and AI continue to be trending in the marketing sphere. If you’re interested in learning more about automation within Google Ads? Check out our blog What is Performance Max and how does it work? to find out more.

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