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Marketing 101 – What is an App Campaign and how does it work?

In today’s fast-paced world, mobile applications are playing a vital role in almost every business. It provides a seamless experience for customers and allows businesses to connect with their customers on the go. But building an app is just half the battle won. The real challenge lies in making it visible to the right audience and encouraging them to download it. That is where App Campaigns come into the picture.

What is an App Campaign?

An App Campaign is a type of marketing campaign run by businesses or individuals to promote their mobile app on Google Play or iOS App Store. Google developed the concept of App Campaigns and offers a unique platform for businesses to increase app installs, engagements, and insights into ad performance.

App Campaigns are run on a pay-per-action model, meaning businesses will only pay when a user downloads or installs the app. They are specifically designed to make it easier for businesses to reach their target audience and maximise conversions at an affordable cost.

Google’s App Campaigns have become a popular and essential tool for businesses to achieve their marketing objectives. It leverages Google’s search algorithms, automated bidding strategies, and machine learning technology to provide significantly better results than traditional advertising methods at a fraction of the cost.

How Do App Campaigns Work?

App Campaigns are created with the help of Google Ads, where businesses can tailor their marketing efforts to reach their desired target audience. Google app campaigns are based on four types of ad formats, including search, display, video, and demand gen.

Once businesses decide their ad format, Google allows them to choose their campaign objective and set a budget for the campaign. You can also customise your ads, changing how it looks, what it says, its targeting options, and how much you are willing to pay for each download.

After your App Campaign is set up, the rest of the work is done by Google’s algorithm, which uses its machine learning technology to optimise the campaign for maximum user acquisition within the allocated budget.

Every time a user searches for a keyword related to your app, or your ad is displayed to an interested user, Google’s algorithms gather and optimise the most relevant data. Then, over time, the algorithms begin to focus on the right audience with a high intent to download and interact with the app.

If a user interacts, such as downloads or engages with the app’s content, the algorithm records the event as an in-app conversion. By tracking these conversions, businesses can understand which ad campaigns or keywords are providing better results and optimise towards that.

Advantages of App Campaigns

One of the significant advantages of an App Campaign is its automated bidding strategy. It automatically adjusts the cost per download based on data from previous campaigns. For example, if an app is showing a high conversion rate, it will trigger Google to increase your bids, resulting in more downloads at an affordable cost.

App Campaigns also provide businesses with the ability to track user engagement, including an analysis of user behaviour, the number of active users, usage time, and bounce rate. This allows you to analyse and identify the reasons for any fluctuations in your app’s performance.

Another essential feature of Google’s App Campaigns is that it enables you to reach a large audience through its vast advertising network. When a user searches for content related to a business’s app, they have strong intent, meaning they are actively seeking that product or service. App Campaigns help businesses to precisely target interested users and increase the chances of app installs.

Lastly, App Campaigns offer businesses an opportunity to build their brand awareness. Since they are easily discoverable in Google search results, users come across your brand more frequently. This increases the chances of users’ discovering new capabilities, features or updates to your app.


Google’s App Campaigns provide a great opportunity for businesses to promote their apps. It provides a cost-effective approach to reach a broader audience at scale and drive app downloads. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes, whether you are starting fresh or looking to increase your existing user base on a budget. So, if you have an app already, or are looking to develop one, start planning your app campaign strategy today.

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