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Weekly Update – 21st – 27th October 2023


Instagram has added another engagement option through polls in the comments. The new feature is available on both feed posts and reels. Read more on Social Media Today.

Instagram is testing a new customer sticker tool. The feature will allow users to create stickers from existing photos. Currently available to selected users only – stay tuned for future updates.


Elton John has announced 5 TikTok filters to celebrate his career. Read the full announcement here.


Google Ads have rolled out much stricter requirements for taking certifications on Skillshop. Since releasing 3 new professional certifications, you now must take a picture of photo ID, another of your face and submit a video of your test taking environment. No notes, books, paper, breaks or headphones are allowed. Read more on Search Engine Land.

This month, 4 attribution models are being removed from Google Ads/GA4 – First Click, Linear, Time Decay and Position Based. Google is replacing these with custom metrics. Find out more here

Google introduces “Search Themes” to Performance Max campaigns – the aim is to tell the Google AI information about your business that you expect to perform well and to fill in any gaps on your website. Find out how it works here.


YouTube now allows creators to tag affiliate products with timestamps in their videos. This feature will allow creators to bring more attention to products they want to feature within videos. Find out how it works here.

On Your Radar

With Halloween almost behind us, it’s time to put your focus into the holiday season. Black Friday, CyberMonday and Christmas will be here before you know it! Make sure you’re prepared.

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