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Weekly Update – 2nd – 8th February


X has launched vertical video ads, as video views on the platform continue to grow. Read the full announcement here.


Meta has launched a new ad attribution option called “Engaged View”. The new feature will allow advertisers to measure conversions that occur within 1 day of a video view. Engaged view will be available across all ad formats, except for Facebook in-stream video ads. Read the Meta announcement here

Meta has shared some insights on how the Threads feed algorithm works. While some of the answers are still quite vague, you can read more on Social Media Today.


TikTok and Universal Music Group (UMG) have had a licensing dispute, meaning that the UMG music catalogue has been pulled from the platform. You may notice that some videos now have no sound, and will have to take music selections into account when posting on the platform, as what you want to use may no longer be available.


Google is investigating a “confusing ad text” error impacting ad campaigns. Users with time-sensitive campaigns on Google Ads are recommended to upload new assets or edit existing assets using a different label. While affected users can still access the platform, they will experience error messages, high latency, or other unexpected behaviours. Read the article here.

Google Search is starting to pull information from TikTok videos in search results pages. The move is possibly aimed at getting younger users back to Google Search, as TikTok is becoming a more popular search engine amongst Gen Z. Read more on 9to5Google.

On Your Radar

Video continues to be at the forefront of the marketing world, with people spending an average of 100 minutes per day watching online videos. Check out our blog The Rise of Video Content on Instagram or head over to HubSpot for some video marketing inspiration to add to your marketing strategy.

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